A True Jewish Delicatessen

Hours of Operation

10am – 7pm

Monday thru Sunday

About Eppes Essen

A New York, Jewish-Style Deli & Restaurant offering home-style cooking.

Eppes Essen was established in 1956 as a New York, Jewish-Style Deli & Restaurant in Newark, New Jersey. Later, in 1960, we moved to Orange, New Jersey. And finally, we made our current home in Livingston, New Jersey.

With years and years of restaurant & deli experience, we are proud to continue to serve our patrons by providing the utmost quality of service, a clean dining environment, and superb home-style cuisine and ethnic foods.

Thanks to our patrons, and we hope to be seeing you soon enjoying your dining experience with your family, relatives, associates, and friends!

Come Eat with Us

105 East Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Livingston New Jersey 07039